Ground Control Station

Its modular system design means that the LUNA NG TUAS Ground Control Station (GCS) can be installed in any vehicle or container/shelter.

It is fitted with several work stations equipped with high definition (full HD) color monitors for real-time aerial image evaluation, mission planning and aircraft control (virtual cockpit). The GCS concept of operations (CONOPS) is based on a user friendly Human-Machine-Interface (HMI).

Complete mission playback for post mission evaluation, simulation and training can be performed in the LUNA NG Ground Control Station.

Mission schedules can be modified in flight. In mountainous terrain and on long distance missions it is a particular advantage that LUNA NG aircraft can be handed over from one ground station to another one.

A number of mission planning tools are available to the operator: 2D or 3D allegation of standard maps, satellite or aerial images.

Protected workplace for Luna staff
3D Missionplanning
Deployment in winter