The LUNA NG tactical unmanned aircraft system (TUAS)

LUNA NG TUAS is based on the combat proven LUNA TUAS. Both are all-weather, easy to operate tactical unmanned aircraft systems (TUAS) for real-time, day and night C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance).

Three complementary aircraft platforms (LUNA, LUNA NG and the MUSECO helicopter) enable the commander to choose the best aircraft for his fast changing, specific mission needs. This offers effective C4ISR at ranges of more than 100 km with an endurance up to 12 hours, maintaining situational awareness around the clock by on-the-fly platform exchange.

Designed to accommodate multiple payloads, the versatile LUNA TUAS has been successfully supporting peacekeeping missions in several countries, i.e. Kosovo and Afghanistan since year 2000.

The system has been upgraded several times and is combat proven in different climates under severe weather conditions in difficult terrain (arctic, desert, jungle), leading to legendary operational effectiveness. The LUNA TUAS is a cost effective and reliable solution for military and civilian applications around the globe.

The new MUSECO helicopter and the new fixed-wing LUNA NG represent a significant leap in capability from the what is already best in class performance of the LUNA TUAS.

As the system is heavily supported by easy to use automated processes, handling the LUNA NG TUAS is quick and does not require personnel with aeronautical skills. Full crew training is accomplished within very short timeframes.

The performance of LUNA NG TUAS is superior to many bigger and more expensive unmanned aircraft systems due to its modular system structure.

All system components of LUNA NG can be transported in and operated from protected vehicles or portable shelters by a small crew, allowing rapid deployment by medium transport helicopters.

Taking advantage of the rapid technical progress in equipment, the modular concept of LUNA NG will ensure that the user is always  at the cutting edge of technology.

Luna UAV System
Luna Air Vehicle