MUSECO helicopter drone

General:Flexible platform option for the LUNA TUAS.
MTOW:Max. 125 kg.
Abmessungen: Length: 3,2 m, Height 1,1 m, Wideth 0,9 m.
Antrieb: 30 KW Heavy-Fuel Turbo-shaft.
Rotor: 3-Bladesystem, Rotordiameter 350 cm.
Enrurance: ca. 3 hours.

Preprogrammed (3D waypoint list) using high resolution digital maps or high resolution aerial images; and/or remotely controlled. Mission program can be altered in flight. Differential GPS navigation and/or data link auto tracking (via range and azimuth data), option for automatic return flight to base.


Inertial Navigation System, autopilot and aircraft system management are fully digital. Sensor package includes attitude gyro, rate of turn sensors, magnetic compass, air data sensors and accelerometers.

Payloads: Cameras: Tiltable sensor platform with up to 7 color zoom and IR zoom video, -arrays, -turrets, -high-definition, -hyperspectral, forward looking pilot color video. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), SIGINT-sensors, CBRN-sensors.
Optional payloads:

Data link relay payload for beyond line-of-sight reconnaissance and communication, Encryption, GCS hand off function.

Data Link:

Microwave link (C-band), tracking antennas in air vehicle and ground station. Command uplink, control and video/telemetry in real-time, jamming resistant.

Data Link Range: > 100 km.
Take off and landing: ATOL, vertical.

Ground Control Station:

Modular LUNA TUAS GCS design to fit in any vehicle or container. Advanced human-machine-interface (HMI).